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Outdoor School / Science Camp

for Christian *Home-Schoolers

Our 27th YearJune 8-12-2015


{Overnight Monday – Friday}

4H Conference Center Salem, Oregon (Designed for ages 9-16)


 Special speaker this year: J.D. Mitchell, Creation Science Author, Speaker & Reseacher. His topics for this year are: “God’s Created Dinosaurs” "Defending Your Faith: An Introduction to Biblical Apologetics" And “In Search of Leviathan” see details about these on his website:

    Outdoor School Format with morning hands-on learning sessions, afternoon activities such as canoeing, swimming, soccer, archery and more. Then evening keynote presentations that will help the kids defend the biblical account of creation and the flood.  

   Intellectual struggles are one of the many reasons why kids leave the church. They hear evolutionary teaching everywhere. This nonsense is in direct opposition to the Bible’s teaching on origins. Kids lose confidence in the word of God. This has been the goal of the ‘architects’ of evolution since the beginning. We must share with them good answers or, by default, Satan wins this argument and, ultimately, their hearts.

   We cap off each day with homegrown entertainment around the campfire and a time of worship. The kids have fun spending the week with the new friends they meet at camp.

   Make memories with your kids.PARENTS are strongly encouraged (but are not required) to attend as cabin counselors or teachers. We are always in need of Dads.

$175 for Campers, $125 for Counselors (18+)   *Must have homeschooled the previous year  

   Hold your place with a 50.00 deposit (refundable until 2 weeks before camp begins.)

A full set of forms will be sent to you when you e-mail

Send completed forms by e-mail or to 204 SW Daniels Street, McMinnville, OR, 97128

Questions??? Call Brenda Nettrouer at 971-241-2225

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